Monday, 6 June 2011

The Merry Rainbow

As I sit with my cup of tea and think about what to write about today I get inspiration from a friend's mail and some comments on another blog.

This was one of the most unforgettable times in my life, the time when so many of us came together under one roof. The planning began well in advance, about five or six months before we actually met. All secret and not a word out anywhere,quite the cloak and dagger stuff. We were all  getting together to meet a BIG PERSONALITY. I will not go into the preparations which went into this but get down to the main menu, that of all of us staying together in my little apartment.

First to arrive was my friend from Florida. Immediate recognition was possible only because of the Texan hat she had on her head. It was a rollicking time from the start. This unput-downable imp did not know what a jet lag was and was ready to see the sights come morning. Which we did and HOW! Straight to another friend for breakfast number two and then to see some of the sights around that area, mainly the Gateway Of India and the Taj Mahal hotel.
Needless to say the next day wooziness set in and sleep was in order. Later on was the big test, the trial or the travail of eating a 'Paan' . Despite my admonition she went ahead and tried it and the result was hilarious. First of all she put it in her mouth , leaf cover and all , I had mistakenly not told her to remove it. After that came the actual eating, now to give me credit, I had asked the man to make it as sweet as possible.I managed to get some phtographs of the actual eating and the the disgusted reaction after.While the spitting out began in a piece of tissue my shouts of laughter could be heard at least a block away. Needless to say V was not amused.

Next to arrive was another friend from California, unexpectedly wearing a sari! I has to rub my eyes and blink with Billy Bunterish disbelief. We arrived home and chatted the night away like long lost friends, you would'nt think we had met for the first time.

Then came the hero from Bangalore and after that it was one merry party. One night of absynthe drinking , before that there was a meal in a restaurant which ended (despite friendly warnings) with the dreaded 'paan' and the consequences thereof. But to get back to the absynthe, it was a night to remember, we talked and laughed until the early hours.Yours truly was up again in the morning to churn up breakfast in the already churning stomachs. Be that as it may.

Two days later the welcome arrival of the gentle and kind lady from Delhi, after that the house looked like a mini 'shadikhana' which translated literally means the house where a wedding ( Indian ) happens. No one getting ready on time ....... are you done, we are leaving, hey what happened to the hot water, get me some tea, ohhh can YOU make breakfast today ,GET READY. My cook stepped in valiantly and no one( I hope ) went hungry.

I bought 'kulfi' for dessert which was a total hit but I had to suffer the consequences when it was offered to me with a generous serving of brandy, much to the delight of the gangsters. Now I have no dislike for 'Kulfi ' or brandy, the combination , when offered without knowledge of the offee is lethal. Merriment ensued .

Only four colors of this exceptional rainbow have been painted, the rest will follow tomorrow with more details of our escapades!

They did compliment me later ( much to my embarrasment ) for my hosting skills but probably kept the tipple going so that I could cater well enough, 'kulfi'  laced with brandy being a case in point.

The painting is not complete without the other two colors who splashed a day later on the canvas. Our escapades will continue tomorrow.


Renate said...

"Merriment ensued"

That statement concludes pretty much every chapter of our lucky, happy and merry adventures.

Do you remember....

When the combination of jetlag, hangover and paan got the better of my stomach for a few hours on my second day, a friend recommended an Indian remedy, and since we were walking around town, I asked where I could buy Charan Sparsh. I'll never forget the unstoppable peals of laughter.

The Chyawanprash bottle is right next to me as I write this. I love the stuff and every little spoonful takes me back to that day.

Or on the ride back from the village I KNEW I was sleeping with my mouth open in the van, but could not rouse myself for the life of me. After "The Hero" took a photo, the hilarity was shared by six, not seven in this case.


But the one thing I am serious about is that this was one of the best and most wonderful experiences of my life! I met six complete strangers over the course of a few days and left six lifelong friends 10 days later.

And Nandi, the way you opened your heart and your house to us, trusting us completely and spoiling us like royalty, it had to be experienced to be believed.

Even now I lack the words to express my gratitude. So I'll just say:

Thank you.


PS: Looking forward to the rest of the story.

vijji said...

hahahhahaa... Nandi...!! i can never forget those days in my life time. oh Renate... even now.. while reading your charansparsh... i am laughing out like a mad girl. lol. that day... me and Barun.. laughed and laughed and laughed.. till we get tears in our eyes.
and you Nandi... YOU are the best. your house turned into kanna's peddamma's house. (peddamma= elder sis of mom)
awaiting other two colors of Rainbow
lots of love

austere said...