Saturday, 5 October 2013

Next year by this time there will probably be debris where I am sitting now, well not exactly because at this place there will only be space, but you get the drift. The debris will be of stone and mortar and from that will rise another structure. It is so easy to rebuild something inanimate, how does one resurrect the debris which lies around one's heart, how does one rebuild when one sees ones own life crashing down. And yet there are some who have risen from the depths of despair to fly higher. For me the circle is complete again. The happy times are over once more and the cycle completes itself. Now I dread the thought of even being happy, of dreaming , time and time again fate has dealt a blow,and time after time I have tried to rise up to it, fallen beaten but never defeated. Fallen beaten trod on but have shaken the gathered dust of fate and stood up again with trepidation. I have looked around and found that it was not so bad and have carried on .Perhaps my fault was that I trusted and had an abiding faith in goodness, was I wrong?  In my perspective I was not, but perhaps others thought me to be wrong. I cannot help but trust the people around me for that is how I am , foolish and gullible enough to think that all people are good, because I KNOW they are,they are only the victims of their past and behave in a manner for which at most times they have no reasonable answer for. I myself have been the victim of my own thought processes many times, but I have learned to catch myself in time. It takes learning to not react instinctively but with thought. The other day when my cat bit me, somebody asked me if I gave him a yelling and a whack, how could I? He was an animal reacting with his instinct and I was a human being who had a thought process which could understand why he did what he did and if then I did as he had done what would be the difference between him and me? So I learn to live with a semi damaged nerve, the same way as I have learned to live with a darned life, but for how long will the fabric sustain itself? The debris lies around me and somewhere in the distance I hear the strains of the  modern version of an old lyric " Har kisi ko nahin milta yahan pyaar zindagi mein" . My trust will abide, and the hollow where my heart was once will soon fill up . The cycle completes itself yet again.

Saturday, 21 September 2013

The blank page forces me to write my thoughts, thoughts which have been churning in my mind for a while now, at other times I could have penned, no, typed them down, easily said and the excuses to not write them even more easily made. This time I MUST for time between posts has been too long.

Just a few days back, I was telling Nivedita about the experience I had during the serial bomb blasts way back in the '90s and about the police riots in the '80s which was the first time I actually came almost face to face with violence when it erupted on the streets. She told me to write about both the incidents, that they would make for good reading, but this is not what I really intended to write about.

Of late we have been reading of all sorts of crimes against women, just recently I signed a petition to be given to the chief minister to make the city safer for women. I have signed it , but I do not really think that by such an act any kind of change can come about either soon or over a period of time.

The new "in thing " is women's empowerment. Get associated with such a cause and feel you have done something to bring about some change. How does change really come about? When I witnessed aftermath of the police riots in the '80s  a day later in the early morning when returning home from the then South Bombay where we had to wait overnight, I was stunned by the scene that I saw. Smouldering buses, some still in flames, and platoons of armed forces with their guns pointed towards the roads. One had read of riots in newspapers and heard about in on the TV news but to be facing it was another matter.  The character of the riots that day had changed from some issue into something else completely. Looting and rioting had taken over a busy commercial area. There were miscreants who then wanted only to loot and destroy. There may have been some political angle involved , but lets not get into that for I do not know about it. What struck me at that time was the swiftness with which it all happened. Where did these people come from? From my lofty middle class mind I viewed it as the anger of the masses who had no jobs, who in Mumbai terms are called 'vela' and who given even the least bit of an opportunity could come out on the streets and create mayhem. I have since seen many small incidents happening where a huge crowd collects, it can be a fight on a street, a motor accident, an argument between a shopkeeper and a client. Each time I wondered where the crowd erupted from.

We are well on the way to almost completing twenty five years of the 21st century. What has changed? We talk about holistic change, about changing ourselves, about bringing about change so that the those who govern us can facilitate in making our lives better. We have talked for years about the growing population, about the unemployment, about our education system, our poverty. We have archaic laws, some of which are changing now very slowly, we follow the policy of our earlier rulers of dividing and ruling the country, vote banks are very necessary to the people who want to be in power to "rule" the country. All political parties have their hit men who do jobs and are protected by their masters. The police has its hands tied , khaki is ruled by khadi .... a police officer told me about 25 years back. So what really had changed? The way I see it, nothing really, except now in cities more women are joining the workforce and becoming financially independent and perhaps this has led to crimes against them. This may be wrong too, because crimes were and will always be a part of any given social system. This time around the awareness is more and where even ten years back it may have been kept under covers for fear of social stigma, today it is out in the open.

I question the rights of the people we chose to govern us. If we as citizens have the right to vote for good governance, as citizens we have the right to expect good governance. If this had happened from the very beginning the picture could have been different. If each and every village and district had some self governance which allowed for progress of that area under the vigilant eye of the administration and the elected representative, could things not be different? What we have is local panchayats elected and then ruled by corrupt individuals so that what has not changed in years will continue to remain the same. We see leaders being garlanded with money, we hear and read of  people who actually work diligently and honestly being transferred, is this how a country is governed? Honesty is of no value, what is important is the running of big businesses by whatever dishonest means under the aegis of even more dishonest political bosses.

I ask again, what has changed? NOTHING REALLY.........and I know that like me there will be thousands who will sign petitions but change will happen ONLY when there will be the political WILL to make it happen. When those in power can willfully give up the power to be in power, when that power which they have been entrusted with can make each and every individual of this country walk with their head held high, when those that sit in high seats can be just other individuals doing a job which they are paid for and not think of the common people as those they have to dole out their largesse on, maybe just maybe some change may come about. Until then food grains will rot while people starve, there will be child trafficking, the police will turn a blind eye to legitimate complaints, and the our political masters will continue to slurp the cream.

I have not even started about the parallel economy. Bless their black souls.

Friday, 2 August 2013

Mitti ko chunkar jeevan paya hai
Khak ko bun kar man paya hai
Khushi paayi hai paththaron mein
utsah mila hai muskurahaton mein
phir bhi apne aap ko akela hi paya hai.

dhoopon ki garmiyan ho
ho sheet ki thandi kirne
barishon ki lehre
badlon ki aankhon ki nami
dekh kar mann harshaya hai
phir bhi apne aap ko akela hi paya hai.

Anek mele har dil ke dekhe
anek khele is jag ke dekhe
zindagi ke rele samne se guzarte dekhe
apne aap ko phir bhi alela paya hai

Komal muscano mein sukh paya hai
dukh kisi ka apna banaya hai
kisi ki jeet mein apne mann ne bhi geet gaya hai
apne aap ko kyun phir akela hi paaya hai?

Sandhya jeevan ki aan padi
ujjwal savera dekha
dopahar ki garam hawa
ab andhere ke intezar mein
phir usi khak me kho jane ko
akelapan bulata hai.  

Friday, 31 May 2013

Mannequins are the toast of the day ..... it looks like they are the sole or at least one of the major reasons that young boys indulge in eve teasing on the streets. What happens in buses and trains? Do these young men look out of the windows and see half dressed mannequins and does this then want to indulge their baser instincts? Roadside romeos, oglers and those that take any opportunity to make victims of women have been around for years with or without the help of shop embellishments. If by banning mannequins our very tutored and wise leaders hope that it will miraculously make lascivious young males with raging libidos suddenly remember the preamble to the constitution of India, I would add another congratulatory bouquet to ones already overflowing in the neat apartment.

While the police and the municipal corporation come almost to loggerheads over the poorly dressed plastic models, the perpetrators of all kinds of acts roam free to ogle at other plastic effigies with the sole intent of later teasing young girls. The wise get their fame and preen amidst their flowers and nothing changes whatsoever.

A small bit of advice , naturally unwarranted .... for further glory, contact the Archeological Survey of India.

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

We are being told every now and then to be happy, that happiness is the state which the human is meant for, this state is what should what the soul seeks. Enlightened people are extorting us to remain in such a state, to live for the moment. The opposite state is sadness or abject misery which nobody in their right minds would want to be in, the fact remains though that one state cannot exist without the other. As a mass of physical bodies on this planet the plethora of emotions running through this mass is tremendous. Emotional beings that we are, the joys and sorrows that we face are most often related to what is outside of us as physical beings. Other emotions which we go eventually lead to the state of happiness or sorrow. What we relate to physically, pushes a trigger of emotion, a rush of feeling and then the reaction to that which we have related to. The brain absorbs all this in a mini-second triggers the emotion. This is at best a clinical way of looking at our feelings. 

What comes to the mind when one hears about being happy, is that we must be very unhappy as a people because we are constantly being told to be happy. Perhaps this very phenomenal 'progress' in the last few decades has added to our stresses instead of making us more content. We are told that contentment is not a place to be in, to be content with your lot would seemingly result in decay. I am not so sure... there is a definite difference between dissatisfaction and discontent. One gives rise to the other.One can be satisfied with one's lot and then what?Would one stop at that or would it make one try for another higher goal?... and in trying for the achievement of that get the happiness which I desire once again to be back in the state of satisfaction?

 I can be happy just by seeing a flower bloom  or an infant's smile or my cat playing with his toys, another can experience the same emotion on achieving a goal, or when one is given some sort of positive acknowledgement. All these examples are feelings we have with objects outside of us. What then, is that which will give us joy or happiness without any outside trigger?

When one is meditating, there is no emotion, there is no attachment to anything physical and then there is almost a feeling of no state. Perhaps that is what we should aim for.... the place where there is neither happiness or sadness but until then we will be absorbed in the things around us and get encompassed in the web of activity which surrounds us...the www.

Colors of silence

Perhaps another day has dawned
Here the sun on its path
And there he may set
A cycle which may never rest
The slithering worm
The soaring bird
A rose, a leaf
A pupa hanging on a tree
All silent, all creating.

Thoughts are silent
Still is the night
Bursts of color
Throngs of flight

The morning glow
A stillness born from nature's glory
In this stillness
Actions flow.

Monday, 22 April 2013

On the death of a five year old/ the death of moralities

Am I an animal to be sold in bazaars
or am I for you
a toy
played and discarded
I am a child
I dream of good things
Just like you

When you maimed me
Slaughtered me
Used me for your purposes
Did you not know
I was human as you.

And yet you worship
and yet you rejoice
you celebrate
an idol
would you ever celebrate me?

My mind was innocent
My days were free
for fun and laughter 
No more now
Your game is played

My dolls stare with silence
Smiling at me
They were not abused
I cannot smile now
I am mute.

What can I do to make you see
You were that child
I am yet to be
I will be a child no more
You have infiltrated my core

I will be brave, I will not cry
But when you leave me there to die
And walk away with not a thought
I will be a child no more. 

Saturday, 16 March 2013

My nation is my pride, my love and the source of my best inspiration. Some are inspired by what they read, some by what others write and many more by people they admire. For me it has always been this land on which  I was born. This sense of patriotism was instilled into me at a young age ... the flag on independence day, the songs which spoke of the culture, the forts and temples, the natural beauty, the many festivals, all added up to making this country my first and only love. A child absorbs what it sees around it , the thoughts or feelings of love or pride come much later.

We have achieved tremendously in the sixty odd years of our freedom, but we are still a young republic. The years journey has not been entirely smooth. Today the world looks at us , we are a vibrant economy but how do we see ourselves? The picture is neither too dark nor very pleasant. There are those that have benefited from the progress and others who have been left behind. It is these that I lament ... these who have been wronged in our steady process of growth because for some their own growth has been more important compared to and at the cost of those others. Progress is a double edged sword, it can make sweeping changes in one instance and leave sore wounds in another.

When I see the inequities around me my dissatisfaction comes to the fore. I may be content with my lot, but there is a deep feeling of discontent... with the hundreds of issues which plague this land. The struggle for living, the chasms that divide us ..... why I am where I am and why the other is not given even a small percent of that privilege.

There is a feeling of pride when I see people working selflessly toward betterment and for uplifting those, it is accompanied by a sense of sadness , a betrayal almost that I am unable to do anything ..... and it it not for the lack of wanting ... for this is is my most passionate desire.... to see a country where there is equal opportunity for all , where some do not struggle for a mere meal while others have it all.

The winds of change have started blowing .... may they gather intent but may they never reach the force of a storm. A steady breeze which will bring strong changes without any destruction in its wake.

I have pride in my country.

Thursday, 7 March 2013

The new day will dawn in a few hours, it has officially started as we have just passed the midnight hour. Another day of reckoning, International Women's day...... I for one, have my reservations about the many "days " that we have added to our already full calendar, we need  "Mother's day " to show our love for our mother or a " Father's Day" to show him how much we care and so on and so forth. I would think that these are what most people would express automatically, why do we need special days our expression. I may seem not 'with it ' in others opinion and definitely conservative in my thinking but there it is .

Women's day !!! A celebration of women !!! We will celebrate her on a particular day and then from the very next go about our business as usual. It is laudable, however that such a day has been thought of on an international level, we all know that women have been considered from the very beginning, somewhat lesser than men. The fact that men are stronger physically is perhaps the foremost reason for this. Man as the hunter and woman as the one who stokes the fires and keeps the hearth warm....a scene from an ancient hieroglyphic, the man with a spear and a woman at the fire, there have been changes since then but have there really? Women, because of their make up are better at tending to needs and men, to bringing home the bacon. What seems to have happened as society progressed is that men took the position of command as initially there were battles for territory and men were always on the forefront. As society became more stable and settled the ones who led in the battlefield were those that made the laws, they were looked up to, the women who tended to their wound or their nurture were given a second position and in many cases no position at all, and while we see some women rulers, men outnumbered them.

Coming to the present era, the plight of the " weaker sex " is apparent, whether it is in the workplace or at home or with some of the horrifying atrocities committed against them in the name of tradition or culture or what have you.... We read of them in the newspapers and magazines, we see it happening all around us and it is not necessarily perpetrated by men, women are just as responsible, for if a woman is in collusion with anyone else, be it a man or a woman to continue practices which should have changed with time but are prevalent even today , she is just as equally to blame for that which makes her a victim
 Swami Vivekananda's words over century ago..." There is no chance for the welfare of the world unless the condition of women is improved" and then again  ........."It is very difficult to understand why in this country [India] so much difference is made between men and women, whereas the Vedanta declares that one and the same conscious Self is present in all beings. You always criticize the women, but say what have you done for their uplift? Writing down Smritis etc., and binding them by hard rules, the men have turned the women into manufacturing machines! If you do not raise the women, who are living embodiment of the Divine Mother, don’t think that you have any other way to rise."
He also says...."  The idea of perfect womanhood is perfect independence."...
We have only read them and nodded wisely but have failed bring about any real changes.

We may celebrate women today and again on this day next year and the next, we may make pledges light candles, the real change will start only when men and women are equal in every sphere of life and when women are not considered as the 'weaker sex' to be protected by their able bodied counterpart. True celebration will begin when the " abla nari " become a 'sabal nari '. We will not then need one day to celebrate womanhood, we will be celebrating a progressive inclusive mankind everyday and in every way.

Climbing up a rugged mountain has never been an easy task.

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

I could never be a writer of stories. There is enormous love for hearing and reading them but to imagine a world or circumstances which have may stem from some reality is beyond me. I like to observe and see what goes on around me, why people are the way they are, how circumstances change, how history is made and think about what really makes us what we are or are not. Nothing earth shattering or nothing really to give in terms of great writing but just some thoughts which come to my mind which are put down occasionally. I have never had the will to succeed, therefore the occasional writing.

I see a world, and there is no new thought in this, which is changing at such a rapid pace that sometimes one is left wondering where we are heading. The progress in the last fifty years has been almost as like a whirlwind , we have been part of  this storm of ideas which have been generated and put into effect in our daily existence. The benefits are many, in every sphere living becomes easier, communication is just a fingertip away, knowledge is easier to access, everyday situations simplified by gadgets and machines to help us. Why then do I feel it happening too fast? Is it only I who thinks like this? There is too much happening too fast, and while we are living in the complacency of our present circumstances, are we forgetting the impact it is going to have on our future? My brother who is a scientist was here some time ago told me something which stopped me short in my tracks. What price are we paying for our own personal happiness and for how long will it last? Perhaps the latest mantra which tells us to live for the moment is just another way of refusing to see the larger picture. I too enjoy each day as it comes and forget about it once it is over, but the thought of where we are going is in my mind always. I worry for what will happen ... it may not become apparent while I am alive, but the future will be tough. I have hope, though, because human ingenuity can overcome the greatest of odds and for this this I fervently hope.

Sunday, 3 March 2013

It has been a while since I posted...... have been meaning to write more often but the sorry fact is that one's time gets taken up with living, or at least part of the daily grind which constitutes as living.

I was stuck in a terrible traffic jam today as happens in a busy city on most days. There was incessant honking all around and one could sense the impatience inside of the closed doors.When the traffic eased a little,everyone and his car next door made a mad rush to reach the next signal. It wasn't only a one off experience, I have noticed this phenomenon very often and of course I have always been in the driver's seat at those times. The most amusing thing is that after rushing and overtaking, breaking lanes one happens to see at the next signal, most of the same people who were there with you at the last one, so one assumes that all this terrific rush to get there before the next person is really unnecessary when ultimately one ends up together at the next traffic light.......but we never learn do we? We do not want to go at a steady pace, we want to make our impact here and now and in as little time as possible ...we are impatient to reach our destination and care not if we break rules or try to overtake whoever comes in our way. Do our driving skills reflect our personalities or the way we conduct our lives? Our goals are important to us and we try and achieve them at all costs. There are many and they may form a vast majority, who have no set goals, who live life as it comes , play along with each say as best they can and I am afraid but certainly not ashamed to say that I belong to that vast majority. We all have certain ambitions, mine first and foremost was to be an IAS officer, and needless to say that I tried and was not successful because I did not try hard enough. This lack in my person has prevented me from reaching the traffic signal later than the others ... it was pointed out to me about two decades ago and much earlier by my teachers...."she has such a good mind but if she only put in some effort" was a refrain I have heard almost all my life For me it is always matter over mind, the mind may be there but it really does not matter.

I digress as usual from the main point as is my wont. TRAFFIC ... yes that is what I started with... and no I am not going to write about traffic rules and how we break them with impunity or how we create a noise because we want to get ahead. We are well aware of rules and aware too of how so many of us do not follow them at all..... do not really care a fig for discipline, strangely all those who drive on the roads have had a disciplined upbringing, whether in school or at home, but the wild side takes over at the wheel of the car, possibly something to do with having a control over the machine or control over something.

That is not my point either, and if there are people reading the tripe I put down, they will know by now that it deals with life and living or some aspect of it. The thought which always comes to my mind when I see the hurtling traffic and the (almost) race to get ahead of he next car or bus or any other vehicle is that eventually as I said before.... almost all of them cluster at the next signal together, so whats the darn hurry? I find the two wheelers more adept at weaving in and out of traffic, they have the benefit of a more streamlined vehicle , that is for sure but it may just be a desire to be better than or faster than their more complacent counterpart with four wheels. So now lets get to the real issue , after this pop psychology session..... and the point of all this, ladies and gentlemen,is what IS the point? Why are we always in a rush to achieve, to reach there first and in all that we do since we are toddlers we are taught precisely that. Failure and success is like a weighing scale (the older version) where success is always rated higher and the alternate is never an option. I DO acknowledge the fact that failures are fatal for the development of personalities, if fatal is too strong a word, at least they cause a lot of damage to it. The systems which have evolved through time immemorial have all been towards progress and if any kind of progress has to happen it needs the successful completion of any idea or endeavor.The flip side of success is failure, so why do we not accept is just as we accept success with happiness... ah! Happiness!!!! Of late a lot of wise people have been saying, and there are more wise sayings about happiness being the goal  of life, but I digress again... because my thinking on that is different. So.. we see that we are happy, ecstatic, over the moon with what we achieve but when we do not, we feel let down and at best unhappy with ourselves. Our achievements make us what we are or so we are led to believe, for even at a very young age we are taught to compete whether it for a race or for that extra percentage point at an exam. We are told to have a goal and work towards it  and sometimes in the process we lose ourselves , we see the woods but stop not to look at the trees, a blade of grass becomes inconsequential when we see a beautiful garden, a bird's chirp is not heard in our world filled with noise, except for the crow who is as noisy as the rest of us.... and well, he doesn't chirp at all !!

I really don't know if what I write and think can be construed as coming from someone who never really achieved much in life ...... in today's terms .....a loser... because I am sure that people who have gained much in a much shorter time must think differently, and if this thought process comes only because I am where I am today but this I must say that I am satisfied with life,although many think that being satisfied is not good for anyone. I would rather think that satisfaction is the best place to be, complacence on the other hand is not .... the former leads to happiness at every small hurdle crossed, while the latter would make one rest at one's laurels.

Digressed again !! The traffic moves on ... as do our lives, sometimes forward, sometimes through ways unknown, always towards a destination, sometimes fast and smooth and at other times on uneven and slippery roads, there are times we have to turn back and take another path and there is always the time when someone overtakes us. Eventually we reach the signal where each of us have to stop, and whether we are overtaken or have been faster than the other we will have to stop there.... the traffic will continue to move ......

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

 याद  आ जाते  है वह  छुटपन  के दिन
वोह  बचपन के  रेले वोह हंसी के मेले
वोह  छुप के  मस्तियाँ , वोह नाव और कश्तियाँ
काग़ज़ों की ख़ुशी , पल भर की हंसी
पल भर का  बिगड़ना पल भर का रोना
पेड़ों  पर चढ़ कर  किताबों में डूब जाना
रातों के अंधेरों मैं चारपयों पर कभी
तारों के नीचे सपने पिरोना
डर से कभी आँखे ज़ोर से मींचना
पतंगे उड़ना  फुटबॉल को भगाना
 घुटनों की ख़रोचों से साइकिल चलाना
डांट खा कर पल में भूल जाना
 इमली  का पेड़ और पीपल की छाव
 झूलों से आसमानों को मिलने की चाह
ना बुलंद इरादे न महलों के सपने 
सिर्फ़ छोटे से  हाथों से दिन का समेटना 

बदल गई है हंसी , ग़म के पल भी
याद आ जाते हैं उनमे वह मासूम ख़ुशी
जब भी ख़ालीपन सताता है
यादों की गलियों में दिल टहल जाता है
अकेलापन भी  बहुत अजीब है
यादों के बहुत  क़रीब है !

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

 The aircraft bearing her mortal remains will soon touchdown on her motherland. A land which has robbed her of her youth, and her hopes for her future.The fearless girl who fought to save her life against all odds is no more. There were six men who ruined her but can we point a finger at only those six demons? Those six and many like them are a product of a deeper social malaise which grips our society.An ancient culture facing a young and vibrant world, where the strong traditions are almost at loggerheads with the onslaught of fast paced developments, where although we want to embrace the modern we are unable to distinguish between modernity and tradition. While the traditions of any social structure form the backbone on which the culture survives, new influences are bound to come with changing times.

We can shout ourselves hoarse about issues which bother us, have discussions, march with candles and have unending debates, these will only be of any consequence if and only if the it awakens the powerful from their stupor induced by the very power that they flourish. We are a democratic republic who elect our representatives and yet those that represent us behave with scant respect for those that elect them. Laws are broken with impunity, wheeling and dealing is the order of the day, there is absolutely no connect with the public in most cases. A small example is the condition of the roads a very trite but true fact. Places where the ' rich and influential' reside have smooth paved roads, in contrast the roads which common men traverse are potholed, the footpaths are taken over by small businesses paying 'hafta' to the agencies who then leave them to do their work in peace. Walk out of any suburban station in Mumbai and you will find vegetable vendors have taken over almost the entire road while just a small distance away the municipal market where they should be doing their business is empty with a few stray shops. When the law of the land can be broken with such ease, where at every step there is someone willing to give a bribe to some other who willingly accepts it, where the laws themselves come with so many loopholes that it is easy to slip out of any wrongdoing, what can be said about a mere rape? The rape we talk of now is a physical one which has robbed a life, but as a society we have been raped willingly and have been silent onlookers participating in our own moral rape and degradation, because this is what we have been doing to ourselves for the past over sixty years. The rape is not only of girls but of a whole social political and economic structure.

While I write this another rape has occurred in another city. We discuss and rant and rave .... the law which is pending for the last seven years will take another few to be passed. Can we ask for to a stringent laws to be passed, for an independent police force which works with the people and not for the people who don 'khaki'. The unfortunate fact is that however much it is denied, the influence of the political class has a bearing upon the working of the police, an honest officer CANNOT survive in a system which is rotten.

We have to look at the kind of films which are being made, or at least some of the content which is included in them. At the cost of being a moral prude, I want to ask what message is being sent across to young men with high libidos? An 'item number' which normally displays a lone woman wearing next to nothing dancing to lewd lyrics with about a hundred men trying to paw her is as blatant a message as cigarette smoking, so while the message about injury to health due to smoking can be displayed before the film, what message can be displayed about lewd dancing to more lewd lyrics? Or can we end this show of women being treated as a sexual object.?

The issues which plague us are many, I have pride in the progress we have made since independence, I have pride in my all embracing culture, my pride has doubled when I see the youth of today making making their stance for change, for change will happen when their voices are heard and pulse of the people is understood. The time for platitudes is over, what the people need now is not assurances but resolute action.

The rape and consequent death of ' India's daughter' should not be in vain. 'Damini' 'Nirbhaya' .. watch us from above this so that bolt of lightening electrifies the atmosphere for change which is relevant and ongoing

RIP, brave one.