Saturday, 16 March 2013

My nation is my pride, my love and the source of my best inspiration. Some are inspired by what they read, some by what others write and many more by people they admire. For me it has always been this land on which  I was born. This sense of patriotism was instilled into me at a young age ... the flag on independence day, the songs which spoke of the culture, the forts and temples, the natural beauty, the many festivals, all added up to making this country my first and only love. A child absorbs what it sees around it , the thoughts or feelings of love or pride come much later.

We have achieved tremendously in the sixty odd years of our freedom, but we are still a young republic. The years journey has not been entirely smooth. Today the world looks at us , we are a vibrant economy but how do we see ourselves? The picture is neither too dark nor very pleasant. There are those that have benefited from the progress and others who have been left behind. It is these that I lament ... these who have been wronged in our steady process of growth because for some their own growth has been more important compared to and at the cost of those others. Progress is a double edged sword, it can make sweeping changes in one instance and leave sore wounds in another.

When I see the inequities around me my dissatisfaction comes to the fore. I may be content with my lot, but there is a deep feeling of discontent... with the hundreds of issues which plague this land. The struggle for living, the chasms that divide us ..... why I am where I am and why the other is not given even a small percent of that privilege.

There is a feeling of pride when I see people working selflessly toward betterment and for uplifting those, it is accompanied by a sense of sadness , a betrayal almost that I am unable to do anything ..... and it it not for the lack of wanting ... for this is is my most passionate desire.... to see a country where there is equal opportunity for all , where some do not struggle for a mere meal while others have it all.

The winds of change have started blowing .... may they gather intent but may they never reach the force of a storm. A steady breeze which will bring strong changes without any destruction in its wake.

I have pride in my country.

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