Monday, 22 April 2013

On the death of a five year old/ the death of moralities

Am I an animal to be sold in bazaars
or am I for you
a toy
played and discarded
I am a child
I dream of good things
Just like you

When you maimed me
Slaughtered me
Used me for your purposes
Did you not know
I was human as you.

And yet you worship
and yet you rejoice
you celebrate
an idol
would you ever celebrate me?

My mind was innocent
My days were free
for fun and laughter 
No more now
Your game is played

My dolls stare with silence
Smiling at me
They were not abused
I cannot smile now
I am mute.

What can I do to make you see
You were that child
I am yet to be
I will be a child no more
You have infiltrated my core

I will be brave, I will not cry
But when you leave me there to die
And walk away with not a thought
I will be a child no more. 

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