Tuesday, 13 October 2015


Out of nowhere 
You tresspass my train of thoughts 
The surroundings fade

Just as sudden
As when it began
When it ended 
This looming into my brain 

And although I want to blank it out
You stay in my thoughts
Maddeningly. Suddenly.

I want to push you out
Return to my blankness
To stop my torment
But you insist on being 
In my thoughts

Or perhaps it is my mind which
 Insists. Associates.


Sunday, 5 July 2015

चोट किसी को दे खुद आप ही चोट खाया  है
बंदी किसी को बना खुद ही बंदी बन जाया है
बहाया किसी का खून क्या तेरा खून बच पाया है?
जो करा  किसी का अपमान तो अपमानित तुम न हुए ?
छीन किसी की रोटी  भूके तुम ही रह गए
लड़ाई किसी और से कर खुद अपने  से ही लड़ पड़े
अपने नक़्शे कदम पर पीढ़ियों को ले चले
मिला था एक अवसर शांति अमन का
गवा बैठे अपने को गवाने में

Monday, 13 April 2015

I sleep alone with cats
Beside a dresser with some combs
The cats roam in the catacombs
Dress in darkness
In many hued tones
In the catacombs they roam
Cats dressed up in different tones
Dark as night in caves unknown
Their torchlit eyes
Beacons in the night
Endless journeys ,beaconed orbs
Shine on shine on and guide
As I sleep alone through catacombs
In illuminated torchlit zones

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

What is it that we value in ourselves and in others? What do we seek? We respect people who are worth our esteem and respect but what makes anyone worthy. What is value and what is worth? Does it constitute status either financial or social or even a person's intrinsic personality, feelings and values? Are values or worth only trappings?

Self esteem is an integral part of any personality whether human or animal. Self and esteem...... is self without esteem not a valid self? What constitutes esteem is a peripheral sense of well being which is then associated with the self, so then does that mean that without a sense of wellness in any form one is without esteem? Or then does the self itself give itself a lower or higher estimate? If the self creates esteem or worth from itself then without this does it not exist? It does in fact exist with or without the peripherals attached to it. The question then arises is who creates the self. The most reasonable answer to this is that the creator of the self is the self itself. ( A forward on a social site explained this in terms of a necklace which is made of gold, gold is of it and it is of gold . ) Values ,judgements ,worth ,value, values et all are what it creates. It then is also reasonable to think that if it creates itself it cannot then be destroyed as what creates of itself will recreate of itself and so will not be destroyed. As in the case of a seed which will become a tree , bear fruit and again be recreated, or the tree itself which could fall and be buried and turn into coal millions of years later.

Like a minute atom it presides everywhere for everything around us is made up of similar atoms and molecules, the very dust stone and deadwood is and will ever be a part of the self. Separate and inseparable.Separate when seen by the creation of the self , inseparable when seen by the core of the self. The self itself has no barriers of physicality emotionality or any other 'ity'. What it creates is limited by these and that which it creates sees each of the the created objects as separate. . The self itself does not as it is of what it has created, the whole of the part and a part of the whole. That which it creates is swayed by and differentiates between the physical creation which it has created. The self itself sees no difference.

The self is neither born nor does it die. What is finished is the physical manifestation which it assumes, once done it is free to assume another. The question of Karma and working out of the earlier " karmas" has to fit in somewhere , if one assumes this to be true. In its many manifestations where do deeds fit in, either older or contemporary..... and why does the self keep re-manifesting? Various thoughts and some answers come to the mind ( manifested by the self , please note ) , perhaps I should leave it to others to solve...

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

And while you wandered
In sacred hallowed temples
Searching for the truth sublime
Did you ever stop to look
Inside, where it was hidden all this time.
You talked of soul
You sang of hymns
Venerated and adored
Forgetting that you were
That very dust that very soul
The dust you ground below your feet
The dust you valiantly fought to keep
Your soul and being belonged to it
And yet did not belong at all
Look into your very depth
And in the searching you may find
Another time , a truth sublime
A truth which you forgot with time.