Friday, 31 May 2013

Mannequins are the toast of the day ..... it looks like they are the sole or at least one of the major reasons that young boys indulge in eve teasing on the streets. What happens in buses and trains? Do these young men look out of the windows and see half dressed mannequins and does this then want to indulge their baser instincts? Roadside romeos, oglers and those that take any opportunity to make victims of women have been around for years with or without the help of shop embellishments. If by banning mannequins our very tutored and wise leaders hope that it will miraculously make lascivious young males with raging libidos suddenly remember the preamble to the constitution of India, I would add another congratulatory bouquet to ones already overflowing in the neat apartment.

While the police and the municipal corporation come almost to loggerheads over the poorly dressed plastic models, the perpetrators of all kinds of acts roam free to ogle at other plastic effigies with the sole intent of later teasing young girls. The wise get their fame and preen amidst their flowers and nothing changes whatsoever.

A small bit of advice , naturally unwarranted .... for further glory, contact the Archeological Survey of India.

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

We are being told every now and then to be happy, that happiness is the state which the human is meant for, this state is what should what the soul seeks. Enlightened people are extorting us to remain in such a state, to live for the moment. The opposite state is sadness or abject misery which nobody in their right minds would want to be in, the fact remains though that one state cannot exist without the other. As a mass of physical bodies on this planet the plethora of emotions running through this mass is tremendous. Emotional beings that we are, the joys and sorrows that we face are most often related to what is outside of us as physical beings. Other emotions which we go eventually lead to the state of happiness or sorrow. What we relate to physically, pushes a trigger of emotion, a rush of feeling and then the reaction to that which we have related to. The brain absorbs all this in a mini-second triggers the emotion. This is at best a clinical way of looking at our feelings. 

What comes to the mind when one hears about being happy, is that we must be very unhappy as a people because we are constantly being told to be happy. Perhaps this very phenomenal 'progress' in the last few decades has added to our stresses instead of making us more content. We are told that contentment is not a place to be in, to be content with your lot would seemingly result in decay. I am not so sure... there is a definite difference between dissatisfaction and discontent. One gives rise to the other.One can be satisfied with one's lot and then what?Would one stop at that or would it make one try for another higher goal?... and in trying for the achievement of that get the happiness which I desire once again to be back in the state of satisfaction?

 I can be happy just by seeing a flower bloom  or an infant's smile or my cat playing with his toys, another can experience the same emotion on achieving a goal, or when one is given some sort of positive acknowledgement. All these examples are feelings we have with objects outside of us. What then, is that which will give us joy or happiness without any outside trigger?

When one is meditating, there is no emotion, there is no attachment to anything physical and then there is almost a feeling of no state. Perhaps that is what we should aim for.... the place where there is neither happiness or sadness but until then we will be absorbed in the things around us and get encompassed in the web of activity which surrounds us...the www.

Colors of silence

Perhaps another day has dawned
Here the sun on its path
And there he may set
A cycle which may never rest
The slithering worm
The soaring bird
A rose, a leaf
A pupa hanging on a tree
All silent, all creating.

Thoughts are silent
Still is the night
Bursts of color
Throngs of flight

The morning glow
A stillness born from nature's glory
In this stillness
Actions flow.