Wednesday, 6 March 2013

I could never be a writer of stories. There is enormous love for hearing and reading them but to imagine a world or circumstances which have may stem from some reality is beyond me. I like to observe and see what goes on around me, why people are the way they are, how circumstances change, how history is made and think about what really makes us what we are or are not. Nothing earth shattering or nothing really to give in terms of great writing but just some thoughts which come to my mind which are put down occasionally. I have never had the will to succeed, therefore the occasional writing.

I see a world, and there is no new thought in this, which is changing at such a rapid pace that sometimes one is left wondering where we are heading. The progress in the last fifty years has been almost as like a whirlwind , we have been part of  this storm of ideas which have been generated and put into effect in our daily existence. The benefits are many, in every sphere living becomes easier, communication is just a fingertip away, knowledge is easier to access, everyday situations simplified by gadgets and machines to help us. Why then do I feel it happening too fast? Is it only I who thinks like this? There is too much happening too fast, and while we are living in the complacency of our present circumstances, are we forgetting the impact it is going to have on our future? My brother who is a scientist was here some time ago told me something which stopped me short in my tracks. What price are we paying for our own personal happiness and for how long will it last? Perhaps the latest mantra which tells us to live for the moment is just another way of refusing to see the larger picture. I too enjoy each day as it comes and forget about it once it is over, but the thought of where we are going is in my mind always. I worry for what will happen ... it may not become apparent while I am alive, but the future will be tough. I have hope, though, because human ingenuity can overcome the greatest of odds and for this this I fervently hope.

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