Thursday, 2 June 2011

Just some random thoughts

I have been thinking of penning down my thoughts, writing a blog for two years now, if there was a medal or prize for procrastination I would walk away with the trophy. Leaving my competition far behind.
Speaking of which I am not really in the habit of the delaying process, but there are certain activities which are interesting, the point is the beginning , then of course the middle, the end seems like a distant beam of light. This my first effort in the direction of writing publicly may well be short-lived, history and finger fatigue will live to tell the tale.

Of late I have been looking and observing tails , my cats being the source of my inspiration. Not that I can claim to understand each and every swish of the feline appendage but there is undoubtedly a meaning in the movement. Cat lovers would understand it and those who are not wouldn't give a dime.So it is better to refrain from the explanation of feline communication skills.

Which reminds me that my own are not very highly rated , my tail ( if I had one would move much).
I do however love writing and have been writing since the age of eleven, juvenile poetry,essays all lost with the passage of time. I do remember that my first poem was written after a school picnic to Elephanta islands, and the one that stays in my memory is one written a  bit later after seeing kites flying and comparing it to the vagaries of life. There were some Haiku which were my only claim to fame ( published in the college magazine). But lets not get boring here.

I wonder if  anyone will read this , my first effort, if at all then I may feel encouraged to write more and better my effort. Anyone reading this is welcome to give their honest opinion.

With love to all my friends and those that will become,



Lakshmi said...

Hi Nandita....would love to read the poems. Please post them and keep blogging.

Nikki said...

Good start! :)

Nandita said...

@Lakshmi, as much as I would like to publish those poems here, they have been lost with the passing time.Will try and revive them through memory.

@Nikki, thanks it's about time I made a beginning.

kalpana said...

good start nandita!keep it going !
However, I thought you will elaborate on 'cat tails' :)

Renate said...

Welcome to the blogospere, Nandi! Looking forward to a long and fun-filled association!

I am with Kalpana here, as a cat novice I would love to hear more about the cat tails. My favourite part of the cat as it has neither claws nor teeth.

austere said...

yes, please.
More on the cat tail's communication code, please.