Thursday, 9 June 2011

At a Loss

Can't think of anything to say today, its one of those days when there is a lessening in the brain activity. But come to think of it does the activity ever stop ( unless you are brain dead of course). I  would like to think that there are those moments of complete silence when one is at peace with oneself and the world in general. There are less of these than we would want. Human needs, our expectations wants more often than not take over and restlessness prevails. The driving force behind any activity, the desire for excellence, to ahead of ourselves, is all a part of the trail left by early man and the discovery of fire and from there never looking back until the present and the future which lies before us. We do what we do because we have to for want of anything better to do. We have to keep busy,we would probably drive each other up the wall if we didn't....countless examples of that malady.

Come to think of it , (seems like the thought process has been activated) our brain is active at all  times, even at the moments when one feels that there are no thoughts , they continue to be there sometimes buzzing in and out of the brain at such speed that they are difficult to comprehend let alone ponder about. Ponder about thoughts you say, how can you think about thoughts ? The process of thinking specially when it leads nowhere is futile, but is it? When one thought leads to another ,when we go over what has happened in the course the day, it does help us to come to terms with what has occurred whether good bad or indifferent. Most of the time though, the activity ends only at the resting time and the thoughts translate into dreams.

The slowdown of the activity in my brain has led to this pea brained post. Apologies for putting you through the ordeal.

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austere said...

serenity, peace.
much acclaimed.