Sunday, 12 June 2011

Having missed out on two days of posting, here I am back again to offer my trivia. It has been a washed down weekend, no....I have not been washing it down anything or washing the car for that purpose. The rains have hit with a fervor,the heavens having let loose as it were. Now that we are well in the middle of the monsoon season,the thunder and lightening have stopped and it is as steady downpour. The overcast sky, the naturally air conditioned house, the snuggling cats and the monsoon snacks are the order of the day. The felines get completely confused by the change in weather, they sit and watch the rains with bemused expression,run helter- skelter at the sound of  thunder and disappear forthwith. Oh ! the little stray who I feed every night found his way up last night ate the leftovers and ran down again, before I could blink.AND he was as dry as dust!

Reading a good book with some pakodas and a hot cup of tea with a cat curled up on either side is pulling me away from this machine. Will be back later with the weather update however boring.


Rochelle said...

My cats were watching the rains and thunder and lightning here in New York for the last couple of days also.
I understand how those curled up cats can pull you away. I woke up with 2 cats curled on top of me this morning. And I wished I could stay in bed.

austere said...

The middle of the beginning.
Or the beginning of the beginning.
Ain't seen nothin yet.

Phyllis said...

I love to hear descriptions about rainy monsoon weather. Never knew that the thunder and lightning comes only at the beginning of the monsoon storms! Fascinating!

Wish I could have a pakoda with you and listen to that pouring rain! Maybe my most favorite sound in the world....