Friday, 10 August 2012

Janam Ashtami

There is the sound of revelry all around. Last night precisely at 12am we brought in the birth of Krishna our beloved God. Krishna the playful boy, the innocent baby teasing his mother, the boy-child playing with the gopis and his friends while taking his cows for grazing.Krishna a loyal friend, kind of heart, brave warrior, the knowledgeable and knowing, whose words ring true even today in the form of the 'Bhagvad Geeta'. Krishna my beloved, who has kept me alive spiritually, whose words have meaning above and beyond any other.

There is revelry all around, joy at his birth and men are breaking the pot tied at the top of a rope, forming pyramids to reach it and share the goodies in it, imitating you when you as a child stole the butter hanging in the pot above you. An image which is so innocent and sweet.

Come soon Shri Krishna so that the joy is real and so that all that is wrong is once again made right. This is my fervent prayer to you.

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