Monday, 30 July 2012

Webs We Weave

We are all ultimately a product of our genetics and environment.The human species has gone through a evolutionary and revolutionary process to reach where we have today. This is not the end,of course, we will evolve even more and reach some other point, whether it will be better or worse one cannot say. Only time will be witness as time has always been, a mute spectator to the vagaries of itself perhaps amused at what has transpired and what shall while it watches silently.

We are products was were the first few words I wrote. This supposition is possibly due to the increased commercialism of our thinking. The stage where we are today seems to be the pinnacle our progress but that is true of any given era,at any time point of time whether it was man discovering fire or landing on the moon,at that time was most progressive. Progress will always be a progression of putting our minds/thought to what we have at our disposal a any time be in any age. And ultimately we become the products of our own progression, caught up in he web which we have so meticulously woven, the web of progress with the parody of time. The more we weave the more we get entwined and we are not dissatisfied to be within this,we are happy and live our personal lives within the gamut of this ever widening all encompassing fine and intricate piece of artistry. For this is what life is all about is it not? To be born,to grow to earn to live among our peers and within society with goodwill, to be a productive part of the economy, in short to live a good life and perhaps be remembered by our near ones when we are no more for some time and then be obscured by time, the amused silent seer.

I often wonder then, why we are so determined to assert ourselves,why we want to be better than the other,why our own progress is always at the cost of another,why one man's meat is another's poison?

Will comtinue...

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Sameer said...


सब कुछ सही कहा है आपने....हम सब दूसरों पर ही निर्भर है....भले 'उस' दुसरे को ही क्यों न खा जाना पड़े !....आपका शीर्षक भी उम्दा है 'हमारा बुना हुआ जाल' ....