Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Webs We Weave (2)

I was in a state of wonderment or was it wonder at the tail end of my last post. Fortunate for me, because I had something very different to attend to so my brain had refreshed itself.

While wondering at those points, I must readily admit that opposites exist, if there is someone who pulls, there will be one who pushes, in this tug of war there will but necessarily be those that fall and those that triumph. What bothers me whatever we are today is a result of what we were yesterday. All of it, whether it is language, science, industry, art,traditional customs modern behavior , ALL of them have been devised by us and us alone. Some would disagree and say that it is the play of God, his "leela" which makes this happen, but we won't go into any spiritual treatise here. The fact remains that our species have reached to this stage where all that we do is due to what has been specific to our species from the time homo sapiens started inhabiting the earth. We have learned to act in certain ways and have given up certain other behavior which became non relevant. I have seen animals behave in a certain way specific to their species without being taught by anyone.Little puppies and kittens or small monkeys, certain behavior is not learned but natural... which has led me to infer the same about humans.

If we have given up irrelevant behavior patterns or other such to 'evolve' into what we are today, so have we discarded the physical remnants which had assisted us before. I am disturbed by what I see today. People continue to kill other people in the name of war which seems right to them, we kill animals just for our own petty greed, we tread on each other so that we can get ahead, we turn to anger and violence as a resort to resort our insecurities. The picture is not so grim. We do manage to have our fun and games and laughter and all is not lost. The fact that we have not yet reached the summit of evolution is apparent in the this very fact. If we were evolved we would not react in the same way that our forefathers did. Wars would be something which were read about in history books and nature would not be tampered with, but then it is said that history repeats itself, so although we learn of it we don't learn from it, we never do, and this is what makes me wonder again.

The webs we weave become more intricate and once woven the weaver of the web leaves it to spin another until he is enmeshed in what he has himself has woven. There are some lucky one's who break through these fortunate and enlightened are very few and come very rarely.

With my humble respects to my Guru who has surpassed and who until today pours his blessings and by whose grace I have seen the God's grace, although he has taken Mahasamadhi, his love and grace are present whether I reach out or not.

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Sameer said...


मैं तो ठहरा नास्तिक इसलिए मुझे उन सारे प्रश्नों के साफ़ साफ़ जवाब मिल जाते है जिन्हें आस्तिकों के लिए समझना और मानना बहुत कठिन है....

इंसान जो इस वक़्त दुनिया में है ज्यादातर ईश्वरीय शक्ति में विश्वास करने वाला है. इसका कारण जो भी हो शिक्षा की कमी या शिक्षा का तरीका, मान्यताएं जो पीढी दर पीढी बच्चों को अपने एल्डर्स से मिलती है, जो भी हो ....

ईश्वर और इसका मायाजाल भी मनुष्य ने ही रचा है....इससे आर-पार देखना आसान नहीं....बच निकलना आसान नहीं....आत्माएँ कैद की हुई है....

(इसके पहले पार्ट में जरा एडिट कर लीजियेगा...मुझे ऐसा लगा एकाद जगह ओवर-साईट की वजह से गलती है. खैर, आप बेहतर जानती है)