Friday, 22 July 2011


All of us are attached to our surroundings, a small child to it's mother,  a husband to his wife, a student to his studies, a home-maker to his/her home and definitely our life to our breathing. A few cases in point.
We are all so linked with emotions, that we get pulled into the whirl of life, and then these emotions govern all of our thoughts and actions.
We have been often told that detachment is the only way to really be, that it answers many questions. Not many in these times would ascribe to this , for it would be equal to to non-emotion, or at living in a completely emotionless state and that would be bizarre. How can anyone exist without love or loving anyone around or anything close to you?Would it not make you mechanical in what you do and then how would you appreciate anyone or anything around you? Most human qualities are linked to emotion. Sympathy, happiness , joy, love, empathy wonder, surprise, awe are some of the qualities which make us human. We will not get into get negative emotions here because at best they debilitate the one displaying them and hurt the one they are aimed at besides souring the surroundings, at worst they impact much more.

Some years ago I had with a group from  Bombay to Kolkata for a celebration . There we met others who had come from all over India . Some of us were chatting one evening and one of the older ladies asked me why I was not married ( this kind of invasion of privacy is considered perfectly all right even if one is not well acquainted ),  and not wanting to get into details I loftily answered that I  did not want to get into the attachments which marriage brings. There was a young woman who was present there and when I asked her if this was not true, she said something which left me speechless. She was from a small town not far away and had left her family ( which is not common) to be there for those few days.  "Dekho to bandhan, dekho to koi bandhan nahin" . If you look at it (married life) it is an attachment, if you look at it , there is no attachment at all.
WOW! A statement made without any sermonizing or the need for endless debate. So true for situations we find ourselves in everyday and when seen in a larger perspective.

When I started writing this , I was veering towards writing about my view of attachment vs. the necessity for detachment. This incident came to me ( the attachment of my psyche to the memory of the incident). There is no need to say more.

Sometimes one sentence can speak a thousand words.

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